Dynamix Performing Team Picture

Dynamix is a salsa performance group based in Washington D.C. Dynamix is made up of dance and fitness teachers, performers, and choreographers from across many disciplines. Dynamix blends a variety of cultures, music, and styles to create provocative routines. Dynamix has performed throughout the United States and is available for performances and instruction.

Dynamix was founded in 2007 by Steve Zaloga and Rachel Weiss. After working with a number of coaches across dancing disciplines, it made its congress debut with a James Bond based routine at the 2007 Acapulco salsa congress. Since then, Dynamix has been teaching and performing throughout the Washington DC area and at salsa events across the United States. Team members have performed around the world and have dedicated themselves to continuous development and excellence.

Lydia Steve Suzanne Sandra Ladislav Zuzana Sam
Samantha Sara Ariel Darryl Alison Dorians
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