This routine is based on the James Bond movies including all then glamour, sex appeal, and edginess you would expect from any Bond movie. Just as in the movies, the routine opens with the familiar James Bond theme song and quickly transports you to the brothels of Argentina where Bond meets a Bond girls that may be just too much for him to handle. The routine progresses, Bond finds himself in a number of precarious positions and ends with an all out battle with an arch nemesis choreographed to a techno version of the Bond theme song.
"James Bond Theme Song" by Monty Norman
"Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" by The Gotan Project
"Bonitas (Se Ven Bonitas)" by Puerto Rican Power
"James Bond Theme Song (Techno Version)"

This routine tells the story of the strength of love and its ability to overcome all obstacles. It begins with a riveting meeting of lovers danced through an intricate and captivating tango. The budding lovers then show off their best talents to each other through a series of salsa combinations that will leave you awe-inspired. With every great story, a moment of temptation emerges through a seductive cha cha. Lovers change partners as suspicion and distrust unfold. However, the fire of love still burns eternal; and, in the end, it is clear that their love is indestructible.
A Tango by an unnamed artist
Indestructible by Ray Barretto
El Raton by Cheo Feliciano

This edgy routine takes salsa, and dancing, to the streets. In this unique compilation, Bachata, Reggaeton, and salsa are fused together to create a journey for the mind and body. The routine opens with a display of masculine and feminine prowess leading to a sexy Bachata. The routine then explodes with a blazing modern salsa. In the final portion of the routine, salsa is juxtaposed against reggaeton.
Mayor Que Yo by Baby Ranks
Ella Volvio (Salsa Version) by N’Klabe featuring Julio Voltio
Ahora Es by Wisin & Yandel

This routine, choreographed by Rica Salsa, tells the story of a women not accepted by everyone else. With sexual overtones, she creates distrust from her lover eventually leading him to lose his mind. In the end, his overwhelming suspicion leads her lover to seize her back and end both their lives.
Desconfianza by Alfredo Linares

This all women routine explores the role of women in salsa. It pulls together a mix of classic burlesque, salsa, and cha cha with music from across genres and time.
Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera
Arranca by Manzanita
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

2011 Couples Routine
Choreographed by Anya Katsevnan and Elvis Collado, this routine was designed to be suitable for competing.

2012 Couples Routine
Choreographed by Rica Salsa of San Francisco, this routine is fast-paced and characterized by complicated canons.
Music by La Familia.

2012 Ladies Routine
Choreographed by Teneii Boykin and the ladies of Dynamix, this routine merges hiphop and salsa.
Aguanile by Marc Anthony
Ching a Ling by Missy Elliott
2013 Couples Routine
Revision of the 2011 couples routine, choreography spiced up by Liz Lira.

Lydia Steve Suzanne Sandra Ladislav Zuzana Sam
Samantha Sara Ariel Darryl Alison Dorians
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